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It is important for residents to know the necessary guidelines and required information needed when registering to vote. Complete the form below if you are a new voter to Lake County, or if you desire to change your political party affiliation, or if you desire to change your name, or if you need to update your signature. In order to participate in upcoming elections in Lake County, residents should understand how to register, who can register, and information on deadlines to register by.


Who can register to vote?

To register to vote in Florida, a person must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States (to be a US citizen, you must be born in the United States or certain US territories, be born to US citizen parents, or be naturalized. Although a lawful permanent resident (commonly referred to as a "green card holder") has the right to live and work in the US on a permanent basis, he or she cannot register or vote). Persons who have US citizenship and citizenship from another nation can also register and vote in the US;
  • Be a legal resident of both the state of Florida and of the county in which you seek to be registered;
  • Be 18 years old (you may pre-register if you are at least 16);
  • Not be adjudicated mentally incapacitated with respect to voting in Florida or any other state, or if you have, you must first have your voting rights restored;
  • Not be a convicted felon, or if you are, you must first have your voting rights restored if they were taken away;
  • Provide your current and valid Florida driver's license number or Florida identification card number. If you do not have a Florida driver's license number or a Florida identification card number, then you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If you do not have any of these items, you must write "none" in the box or field; and swear or affirm the following: "I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida, that I am qualified to register as an elector under the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida, and that all information in this application is true."

Registration Deadlines

  • In Person: 29 days before Election Day
  • By Mail: Postmarked 29 days before Election Day

You can choose one of the following options in which to register:




Register to Vote Online


On October 1, 2017 the Florida Department of State launched, a secure and convenient voter registration option now available to Floridians to electronically register to vote or update their existing record.

NOTE: You will need a Florida driver license or a state identification card and the last four digits of your social security number.

If you do not have a Florida driver license or state identification card or social security number, you can still use the website to complete your application but you will have to print, sign and deliver it by mail or in-person to our office.

For more information on online voter registration, visit the links below or contact the Florida Division of Elections.

Please is a resource that is controlled and operated by the Florida Division of Elections. If you need assistance please call the Voter Assistance Hotline at 1-866-308-6739.


By Mail

If you do not want to submit your application online you can complete and print the Florida Voter Registration Application, then mail or hand-deliver it to our office.

Print a Paper Registration Form (English) (Español)

Mail or deliver the completed form to:

Lake County Supervisor of Elections
P.O. Box 457
Tavares, FL 32778


In Person

You can register to vote or submit your completed application in person at the following locations:

For more information on additional agencies or to request an application be mailed to you, please contact us at 352-343-9734.

Note: We are required to receive the original form containing applicant's original signature. therefore, new application forms received by e-mail or fax are not valid and cannot be accepted.

Amendment 4 and the Restoration of Civil Rights

Amendment 4 restores the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation. All fines, fees, and restitution must be paid before a person with a felony conviction may register to vote. The amendment does not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, who continue to be permanently barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case by case basis. Applicants my register with any of the methods listed above.


The following Florida agencies have resources to assist applicants in verifying sentencing obligations.



352-343-9734 |


352-343-3605 |


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