Appointed Election Workers

Thank you for your hard work and dedicated service. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. Prior to election time, we will send out appointment emails. Below you can accept/decline your Election Appointment or complete your Online Training. We thank you for your service.

Please Note: If you are appointed to work outside of your home precinct, you are encouraged to participate in Early Voting or request a Vote By Mail ballot. If you are appointed to work in your home precinct, you may cast your ballot on Election Day.

Election Worker Appointment

Click the link below to accept or reject your election appointment.

Use this link only if you have received an appointment email to work the upcoming election.

Accept or Reject Appointment

Election Worker Online Training

All election workers are statutorily required to attend a training class before each election. Click the link below to access Election Worker Online Training. 

Please Note: You must work Election Day or Early Voting to get paid for attending training.

Online Training

Election Worker Reference Library

Below is a list of PDF files. Information provided within the PDFs is beneficial to election workers.


Election Worker Information Update

If you are a current election worker and need to update your working status or information:

Remove me as an Election Worker

Check Replacement


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